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A new campaign from Dove titled Real Beauty Sketches has done a powerful job of extending the long running campaign for real beauty.

The much discussed real beauty platform has been in the market for many years now and was perhaps made most famous by their fantastic spot from six years ago,’Evolution’;

This latest iteration of the idea makes a really interesting and emotional exploration of women’s self image. It studies how women describe their own appearance versus how others describe them. The results show that the women shown are surprisingly (to them) over critical.

The campaign has obviously struck a chord as the clip from the campaign was uploaded one week ago and has already received over 16 million views.


Photography: Peter Stoop, Newcastle Herald

Our client Harrys Schnitzel Joint was awarded Australian fast food business of the year last weekend. We’re super proud of them. Victory tastes so schnice!

You may have seen the Harrys LA-style food truck at events around Newcastle, including Surfest. Not long now and it’ll be on the streets. Follow the truck on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stay updated on locations.




Has your business tried a remarketing campaign yet? It’s a great way to drive additional sales and bookings. Here’s how it works.

Remarketing shows ads to prospects who’ve previously visited your website as they browse the web. You can specifically target people who didn’t perform a certain action on your website, like buying a product or making a booking. It’s a high-performance conversion tool and gives you a ‘second chance’ – people have already found your website and made a connection with your brand, and remarketing gives you an opportunity to serve ads to them and bring them back for a conversion.

Up to 96% of people who visit a website leave before taking the action marketers want them to take. Up 70% of people abandon an online order before completing it. (Source: Forrester). Remarketing lets you reach these people.

You may have noticed remarketing serving ads to you as you move around the web. Maybe you were looking at flights or hotels, and before booking you left those websites to do more research on holiday destinations, flights or places to stay. As you browsed around online publications, Tripadvisor and comparison sites, you may have seen ads from the airlines and hotels you were previously looking at. That’s remarketing in action.

We recently ran a remarketing campaign for a service-focused brand that included remarketing. In 19 days we achieved the objective of 100 bookings and the campaign achieved an approximate 160% return on investment.

If you’re interested in a remarketing campaign, give us a shout. Let’s bring your prospects back.

Here’s a 2 minute video with a remarketing example.

L.L.Bean unearthed genuinely interesting customer stories for a recent advertising campaign celebrating 100 years of reliable outdoor apparel. One story is about Steve, a customer who was given a L.L.Bean backpack during college that became a catalyst for the next 15 years of his life. Steve hiked with the backpack in numerous countries, 12 states and 14 national parks. He hiked 104 mountains with the L.L.Bean pack on his back and wrote a letter to L.L.Bean sharing his adventures.

Subsequently, L.L.Bean made the ‘Discover Something with Steve’ film to tell Steve’s story as part of their centenary campaign. The company also featured Steve and his tales in a centenary book. Humbled, as a gesture of thanks Steve reached out to his personal network with messages about L.L.Bean’s initiative to donate to the National Park Foundation; the custodian of national parks Steve has visited and loves. His messages were heard and knowledge of L.L.Bean’s initiative spread. By listening to a customer, valuing their brand experience and acknowledging their story, L.L.Bean turned a customer into a devoted (and effective) advocate.

More recently, Steve’s been selected for the company’s ‘Discovery Project‘ – a pilot program consisting of 18 carefully selected customers to test 4 different outdoor kits over the course of a year. The brand receives useful ‘beta’ feedback from a passionate group of brand advocates, and the advocates have new messages to spread about the products L.L.Bean is working on.

100 years on, here’s a company doing things right. Where are your stories and how are you telling them?


Responsive design is a web design approach aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience across a range of devices from desktops to mobiles.

Providing an optimal experience on all devices creates a better user experience and results in higher conversion rates. After implementing responsive design:

  • O’Neill Clothing grew iPhone/iPad revenue by 101.2%, Android revenue by 591.4% (yes, nearly six hundred percent) and non-mobile revenue by 41.1% (source).
  • Skinny Ties grew iPhone revenue by 377.6% and total revenue by 42% (source).

Interested in going responsive? It’s a great investment. Let’s talk.

If you’d like to know more about how responsive design works, check out the video below.

If you’re responsible for a website you’re probably tracking your website’s metrics with Google Analytics. Are you also tracking how many people achieve your website’s goals and ‘convert’?

Conversion could be signing up for a newsletter, buying a product, making a booking, downloading a catalogue or watching a video. By measuring conversions you can understand how many people are achieving your website’s goals and what’s preventing others from achieving them.

Goals measure how well your website is achieving its objectives. Goals can be based on a destination, event or type of engagement. They provide valuable intelligence on how well your website is performing, and when the funnel leading up to a goal is visualised in Google Analytics you can identify opportunities for improvement and increased conversion. Watch the video above to understand the difference types of goals and how you can use them. Then, watch the rest of the videos in the series to learn about “goal flow”, improving conversion and making the most of your website traffic.


qantas passbook

Passbook is Apple’s digital-coupon storage app. It launched as part of iOS 6 in September with the promise of storing boarding passes, movie tickets, event passes, loyalty cards and coupons. Sensitive to time and location, it’s potentially really useful for marketers and customers – and with more Passbook-ready apps now available in the Aussie app store it’s finding momentum here. (Haven’t heard of Passbook yet? It launched with a whimper, you’ll be hearing more about it soon). Australian passes include:

Passbook provides a useful platform for loyalty cards, gift cards, tickets and coupons. A recently filed patent hints Apple is planning to update Passbook with Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology, which means relevant passes could be displayed as soon as someone is near a known store. Passbook is already location-aware, but NFC would make it more relevant and useful.

How can you use Passbook to be useful to your customers? Let us know if we can help.

Unwanted gifts of pets is always a problem after Christmas.Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats get dropped at animal shelters in countries all over the world. Finding a home for all these animals is obviously a huge challenge.

DraftFCB in New Zealand has used a really powerful thought to create demand in shelter dogs. The idea is that if they could prove how smart SPCA dogs are, more people would want them as pets.

Aside from creating huge awareness in New Zealand, The campaign made it onto Letterman and news shows around the world – which is great news for shelter dogs everywhere as the idea should be as powerful in finding dogs good homes anywhere it’s seen.

Useful Tapas

We hosted a small celebration at the Village last night. A collection of friends, clients, partners and people who’ve helped us along the way came in for a celebration of, well, everything. It’s our birthday, it’s December, and we wanted an excuse to say thank you to everyone for a great year (and a great first year).

Along with great company, canapés and champagne we threw in a little bit of usefulness as well. ‘Useful Tapas’ provided our guests with bite-sized pieces of usefulness they could learn and take away. Here’s some more about each item on the menu.

Making better lists

Action Method by Behance is an intuitive task management methodology for people and teams. There’s a set of useful best practices for writing action lists and tools to manage lists on paper, online, mobile and iPad.

On the right: a better list about to happen. Styling and photography by Tim Neve.

Taking better iPhone photos

When you use your iPhone to snap a picture of an object up close, did you know that you can adjust for camera shakes and a moving subject? Check out these few small tips on taking better iPhone photos.

Google effectively

To Google more effectively and search specific sites, include related words, exclude keywords, restrict searching to date ranges and look for certain authors, check out this ‘Get more out of Google’ infographic.

Reading body language

Can someone’s feet reveal how honest they are? For an honesty reading from feet, to give your confidence a boost or stimulate good feelings, check out these simple and powerful body language tips.

What colour should you wear?

Wearing a colour that suits your skin tone and hair colour helps you look your best. Check out Color ID, an iPhone App for finding your complementary colours.

Memory tips

Visualisation, the name game and chunking are handy methods for accurate recall and memory enhancement. Here’s ten ways to improve your memory.

The new 6 minute ad for Red Bull is kind of the Honda Cog ad, after, well, a can of red Bull. A machine powered by athletes powered by Red Bull.

The ad which is a great way for Red Bull to showcase their athlete’s credentials was beautifully put together. It was as tricky to pull off as it looks. The whole performance was pulled of in one continuous move. They made sure the really hard moves were scheduled in early in the performance so that if something failed, they would be less likely to have to go through the entire setup again.

The end result, a Red Bull fuelled amount of views on Youtube.