Digital Marketing and Digital Strategy

Digital marketing and digital strategy are at core of our agency formation and our work. We create digital strategies and digital marketing campaigns that include content marketing (or inbound marketing), digital advertising, websites, SEO, SEM, conversion and a raft of other things depending on the client and project goals.

deloitteDeloitte’s “Connected Small Businesses” report shows that the web is rocket fuel for SMBs. Businesses with high digital engagement—that is, SMBs that are making the most use of online tools like websites, digital marketing, and social media—are two times more likely to be growing revenue and earn two times more revenue per employee than those with low engagement. The research also shows that high digital engagement is linked to better business outcomes, with a 20% uptake in revenue for businesses that move up just one level of digital engagement. They also have better growth prospects, more diversified sources of revenue and a bigger customer base.

93% of marketers in the Asia Pacific region believe digital marketing can create a competitive advantage for their company (source: Adobe), but Australia ranks the lowest across APAC on digital marketing skills to deliver results:

APAC digital marketing

Each category features a ranking of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. Click through for a larger version.

If you’re interested in ramping up your revenue with digital marketing, let us know how we can help.