The Village of Useful is an Advertising and Communications agency in Newcastle, NSW. We unleash usefulness to help our clients overachieve. Read  our story.
The Village of Useful Blog. Our point of view on useful Advertising, Marketing and Communications. You'll concepts like Baked In and great marketing companies like 37signals, Nike & Apple mentioned here.
  • rapid-prototyping-sketch

    Why We Prototype

    We prototype and test websites (and apps and everything else) to help move our clients’ commercial needle. Prototyping […]

  • awesome-newcastle-small-boxed

    Awesome Newcastle

    A few months ago we decided to create Awesome Newcastle, a local chapter of the global Awesome Foundation. We’re about […]

  • no-time-to-waste-mast

    Subaru’s Zero Landfill Initiative

    Subaru’s been building cars in zero landfill plants for a decade. In 2004, Subaru became the first automotive assembly plant […]